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So, many of you are familiar with the irony it is that I - someone with neither taste nor direction in music - am married to a musician with reasonably discriminating (listening) tastes.

Also, I just got an iPod Touch. [Aside: this was in lieu of buying a netbook style laptop, and is mostly so I can do email, play games, and have easy access to useful info like shopping lists.] I am very much liking it, and Mr. The Jeef, being the wonderful husband that he often is, immediately installed iTunes on his laptop, and began loading music. At which point, this conversation repeated itself in various slightly different, but remarkably similar iterations:

Mr. The Jeef: Would you like some (insert probably famous artist here)?

Me: Sure!

MTJ: What would you like?

Me: ... ?

MTJ: ::sigh:: Why don't I just give you a random sampling?

Me: Okay! Oh, and give me that song!

MTJ: Why? Do you know it?

Me: No, but the title is really cool!

MTJ: ::Despair!::

Me, to co-worker: I think I'm listening to a love song to a blow-up doll.

Co-worker: ... !

Me: Cool!

In news that is not really other, but still different, the Apple Genius playlist utility? Still no more comprehensible to me than Pandora, but equally useful. Except that it's wierdness is restricted to stuff you already have, so there's less "WTF? Cold Play? Why? Die you miserable bastard!"

Oh, and cariad? "The Weeping Song" by Nick Cave is my new favorite song of ever.

16 Things About Me

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Okay, so I'm not a tagging type person. So, if you've been feeling as if you should blog more often but are stuck for things to say, consider yourself tagged. Otherwise, feel free to be an otherwise silent voyeur on my eccentricities. I'll be crossposting this on Facebook, LJ, and my new account at InsaneJournal, thygatromedea.insanejournal.com which is for when LJ goes all pear shaped. I may even try to back up some of my more memorable entries there, if I can be bothered to figure it out.

I doubt that all 16 of these will come as any kind of surprise to anyone who knows me in the meatworld, but my guess is that at least one of them will. Unless you're my husband, in which case I have no secrets, no shame, and very few surprisesCollapse )

Speedy Tap

My friend Kim sent me a link to this webcomic -- proving that fluffy can sometimes be funny, too
I completely forgot to mention that for our big Anniversary/Christmas Gift, mom gave us tickets to see "Wicked" on Sunday, December 21, at the Detroit Opera House. I liked the book, though Maguire's subsequent efforts were a great improvement (Wicked was his first book.) The musical was good. The production was fantastic -- the scenery and costuming were visually inventive and colorful and all around great. The performers were solid, well voiced, and blended well into the roles. The music itself... Was good. I know there are a lot of people who are fans of it, but it was a little overly pop influenced for me to be super enthusiastic over it. All in all though, it was wonderful, and a wonderful gift.

Afterwards, being impatient at standing in a herd of people, we broke off and went looking for food. Being that the opera house had just let out and there was a football game going on, the only places open that didn't require reservations were either overly pricy, or had sticky floors. So we tramped across the Liberty Park/Woodward circle in the evil, biting wind, and had a truly classy dinner of... Subway. Which was pretty good actually.

This past weekend was busy-ishCollapse )

Also, mom found peppermint flavored peeps stars. Warrning: do not actually eat these things straight out of the package. They taste like little fluffy pillows of toothpaste. As in Tom's-of-Maine-super-minty. HOWEVER. Further research has shown that it is a fantastic idea to put one in your hot chocolate.

First Entry of the Year.

I am here. More or less. Also, caught up on the past 10+ days of entries, more or less. I admit, I skimmed in some places.

I suppose it's more than a little strange that I almost never go online at home. Only at work. So I've not read any of my usual things since, oh, December 19th-ish. Which is how long I've been away from work. I took our anniversary off, as well as the 23rd and 24th, because I could. Together with the usual UM Christmas to New Year's shut down, it all makes for a pretty decent vacation.

Not that I did anything, really. I vegged. A lot. I worked out, some, and played a lot of Wii, and watched entirely too may shows with the letters C, I, and S in the title. Oh, and a fair bit of HGTV. But mostly, I did a lot of nothing useful, and slept.

Christmas was nice affair at mom's, complete with German pancakes, Christmas dinner, and unexpected stockings. The intervening days were, as mentioned, quiet and lazy. New Year's was nice, if not terribly special -- we (Matthew, Jeff, Dad, and I) had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and watched Jeff play Twilight Princess, though Dad went to bed for this. We switched over to network TV just before midnight to watch the ball drop, wonder at Dick Clark's aging enthusiasm and Carson Daly's complete lack thereof, and toast the new year with a bottle of our Wedding Mead.

Dew Year's Day we went to The Gloff Holiday Party, which is my favorite place to be on New Year's Day. Though the fact that for the first night of the year I had pretty wretched insomnia is probably a bad omen. Ah well.

I actually made real resolutions this year, too! I knew you'd be thrilled.

1. To be more pro-active in my job/career
2. To be more interested in my own life.
3. To be more communicative with my friends and family.

And Now: A Meme

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Just so there's something in December

Obscure African tribes, or sub-tribes really, make my working life difficult.

Thanksgiving was nice, Black Friday was nice, though my quest not to buy anything was foiled by my Coca-Cola requirement.

Saturday, taldarhan , talyxsmom , galduric  and I all drove out to Chicago.  That is, Matthew drove, and the rest of us took advantage of the direction and velocity of the moving vehicle to get where we needed to go.  In related news, Mr. The Jeef can spend approximately 8+ hours in the car with his in laws with no damage to speak of.  My uncle's step-son is interesting, but his wife and step-daughter I could skip.  The christening was...  a christening.  On the bright side, the church did not, at any time, burst into flame due to my evil dirty pagan presence.

Work is generally miasmic, and just in case we thought I could stop whingeing about medical things, I have an lymph node being ultrasound-ed on the 11th, and the doctor ordered a re-titration of my CPAP.  On the up side, she also gave me Cytomel (a T3 supplement, which she gave me instead of changing me over to Armour Thyroid like I asked.)  On the down side, it only comes in brand name, and my insurance doesn't like it, so this first scrip was $24, and the next one will be $28 and change (the actual cost,) since in January my co-pays go up to $30 for non-preferred brand.

I think the motto for this entire year will end up being "I can't brain today, I have the dumb."

"In its way, fair use is the 'Robin Hood provision' of copyright. Within limits, it permits the artist--not infrequently envisioned anyway as a sort of rogue--to poach on the content-rich so long as excessive harm isn't done and so long as something with a value beyond that of the original is thereby made available to everybody else. Even now, as the lush and enchanted forest of cyberspace springs up all about us, room--some place for play, some proper clearing in the woods--still needs to be left for Robin Hood." (Weil Making Museums Matter p251)

Sent to me from Ms. Kim.
Dear self,

When you are sleep deprived, you get whimpery. 

Also, the grocery fairy has never yet visited your abode.

Sensibly yours,



Dear Audience,

Am alive.  Am reasonably well.  May report more interesting things in future.  Perhaps include pronouns, articles!

Yours in Hermitudinousness,


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