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A Veritable Link Avalanche

Cleaning out my gmail inbox today, because I finally learned the difference between deleting and archiving, and am now very happy to take advantage of the archive button. So I'm slow.

Anyway, some of you have gotten links via email (very few of you, actually,) and some of you may have seen that I posted one on facebook, since it was kid-related, and most of my child-having friends are one facebook and not necessarily here. One got posted to Twitter, but I don't want to inundate those people kind enough to follow me on twitter with a billionty-leven links. So, here are a fewseveral more that are more generally interesting. I thought I'd share, and not just because it gives me a handy aggregation of the ones I don't feel like putting on my delicious. All are found via makeuseof, encompassing the daily emails from the past few months. The highlights, if you will:

Eurovision Map Mashup because we all know I have an unhealthy obsessions with Eurovision. Which reminds me, you should read this. Why will become immediately obvious.

Stringed Instrument Tuner

And learn how to play, too, because Mr. The Jeef is a scary guitar teacher... ?

For the Morbid at heart. Note: if it's not immediately obvious to you, like it wasn't to me, there's a "change" link up at the top to change the date you've selected. Maybe I'm just oblivious.

For the students among us, and teachers exasperated by them: class tracking. It looks very interesting, but I haven't used it, so other similar apps may be more useful and/or robust

Also: Online flashcards. Again, not sure how useful it truly is,but it looks nifty, right? Also has an iPhone app, meaning you can create online, and study wherever.

Email Signature Cause Awareness I have to admit, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't use it yet, because: On the one hand, cause awareness and fun facts! On the other, advertising in my emails -- I need to look through this more and find more about how the advertising works, and how advertisters are chosen. It looks good, but I am skeptical.

Domain Stats Not terribly useful to me, but it has kind of a nifty vaguely steampunk vibe to it, so I couldn't resist adding it

An Online Receipt Organizer Looks like an interesting tool for those who shop online, especially for things that involve, you know, manuals.

Sort of like WebMD for pets

An interesting timer for web browsing Limits your time on a specific website to however long you select. Obviously, you have to go through it to get the benefit, but perhaps a useful item for when it's easy to get lost in a site, or when you're killing time before having to do something clock-specific

Nifty Tool for travelers for those people, like me, who always forget to call and say we got where we were going all in one piece. And for our mothers. Really, it's for our mothers.