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So, I get this daily tidbits email from makeuseof.com, which is pretty interesting. There's a lot of stuff that I can see would be terribly useful to someone else, some stuff I occasionally pass on to Mr. The Jeef, and some stuff I find useful as well.

Today, however, was an instance of WTF-ery. There's a link and blurb to a site/service called "Social Status Generator" which the email describes thusly:

With the advent of different kinds of social networks, a simple thing such as a status message has gained its own importance. Let's admit it - we love impressing our social network friends with cool and catchy status messages, don't we? Social Status Generator is a cool website which helps you do just that.

It helps you generate nice status messages immediately using various keywords from the tag cloud it provides. Just click the tag you love and get the corresponding status message which you can use in your facebook, myspace or twitter profile.

In essence, "Use This Service To Make Yourself Look Far Wittier and Interesting Than You Actually Are."

Umm.... What? It has always been my policy that if I can't find something suitably interesting, entertaining, snarky, or socially-terroristic (my word! I made it!) to say, that I JUST DON'T UPDATE. Do people really feel the need to push themselves constantly into the spotlight, in order to somehow validate themselves as worthy of being 'followed'?

Actually, that's a stupid question. Of course there are. Forgive me for asking.

On the other hand, I'm bookmarking the Universal Packing List Generator, because this is pretty much what I've been looking for my whole life. Says the person who once forgot to take a bathing suit on a SCUBA DIVING TRIP.


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Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
vanity and narcissism
I've read parts of this book while standing around in the book store. It's interesting. The title speaks for itself, really.

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